Unsung hero of UthAkre.


Medium Aberration (Epic) ECL22 HP: 246 (17d10+4d8+63) Neutral Good GESTALT – Fighter/Lurk 12, Master thrower/Lurk 5, Cleric/Lurk 3, Cleric/Psychic Warrior 1. (21) Attack bonus; Base/Total max: +19/+24 Saves; F/R/W: +12/+13/+13 Initiative bonus: +8 Ability scores: Str 12, Dex 20, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 14. Power points: 186. Spells/day: 0-4, 1-4, 2-3 (+1 domain level 1&2 spells) Feats: Vampiric Mastery, Two-weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse, Focus: Long knife, Specialisation: Long knife, Point-blank Shot, Focus: Mlorta, Precise Shot, Combat Expertise, Vampiric Control, Quick Draw, Two-weapon Defence, Snatch Arrows, Improved Two-weapon Defence, Improved Critical: Long knife, Specialisation: Mlorta, Leadership, Craft Dorje, Improved Two-weapon Fighting, Dorje Mastery, Aberrant Blood Mark, Improved Manifestation Skill ranks: Acrobatics 10, Craft (Clothing) 5, Craft (Crystal) 5, Diplomacy 8, Knowledge (Arcana) 3, Knowledge (History) 4, Knowledge (Local) 3, Knowledge (Nobility & Royalty) 7, Knowledge (Religion) 7, Knowledge (Psionics) 4, Linguistics 2, Perception 10, Sense motive 5, Stealth 10, Autohypnosis 24, Psicraft 5 ARMOUR CLASS: 32 _Flat-footed:_27 _Touch:_20

Armours +2 Light fortified UthAkrean Light armour +5 bonus, Arcane failure 10%, 25% ignore critical, Max dex +8 Val-Ten’s aegis +5 natural armour bonus Mauler gloves +1 deflection bonus (+2 AC from Two-weapon Defence)

Weapon profiles Mlorta: 1-handed weapon 1d10+10(18-20/x2) +28 melee (Half bonus & cost Deep crystal, always in main hand, counts as wielding 2 weapons when in 2 hands, SANGUINE EDGE) Can be used with Finesse. +1 Teleporting Deep crystal Long knife: Light weapon 1d6+8(+5 off-hand) (17-20/x2) x3 thrown, +26 melee/+27 ranged (+1 to attack and damage within 30’) +2 +1AC Mauler Gloves (Gauntlets): 2d4+7(+4 off-hand) (20/x3) +26 melee (Count as weapons for Two-weapon Defence, can wield weapons in same hand at -1 to hit) Bite: secondary natural attack 1d4+2 (20/x2) +19 melee 6/day – Mochtahr Drain: replacement for secondary natural attack 5d6+2 (20/x3) +19 melee (heal damage dealt). Can only target Animals, Humanoids, Monstrous humanoids, Aberrations, Vermin, and Giants.

Always uses Combat Expertise at +5AC -5Atk Full attack (Mlorta main, Mauler glove off-hand): MLORTA +20/+15/+10/+5 MAULER GLOVE +19/+14 BITE +14 Full attack (Mlorta 2-hand): MLORTA +23/+18/+13/+8 BITE +14 Full attack (2 Mauler gloves): MAULER GLOVES: +19/+19/+14/+14/+9/+4 BITE +14 Full attack (Throwing knives): +25/+25/+20/+20/+15/+10 (Assuming within 30’)

Powers known: Chameleon1, Conceal thoughts1, Catfall1, Cloud Mind2, Knock2, Identify2, Greater concealing Amorpha3, See Invisibility2, Ubiquitous vision3, Dimension door4, Death urge4, Freedom of movement4, Adapt body5, Thought shield2, Synesthete 1, Mass cloud mind6, Dispelling Buffer6, True seeing5, Personal Mind blank6, Power resistance5, Suspend life6, Urban Strider1. Clerical Domains: Blood, Protection

2 Dorjes of 3PP Body Adjustment 1 Dorje of 5PP Mind thrust 1 Dorje of 1PP Energy ray 1 Dorje of 3PP Empathic Transfer 1 Dorje of 5PP Escape Detection


Ahra-Hass is an enigma to himself. Until recently he was scarred, hideously and winding, across his upper torso and would claim to a coldness wherever it was on him. His unknown scar is one of very few he actually carries, and even with it he is less scarred than most Mochtahr warriors. The other of his main scars is a scraping wedge at his brow that thins his hair along one side of his face. Of late, Ahra has found a way to rid himself of his long-standing writhing torso scar and replace it with a mark of the blood. Whenever questioned about it he will only tell those he trusts the way he did so, and they are few and far between.

His blood mark and his Sanguine Edge, known as Mlorta, are the only two links he has to his past. Though he knows not the importance of them in the scheme of his past life, he knows they came from that obscured time. Choosing to ignore that hole in his life in favour of a realistic life, Ahra chose to serve UthAkre as a metropolitan Infiltrator, the police force of UthAkre, and make use of his unexplained knowledge of the nobility and social system. It was in this service that he met his closest friend and greatest enemy: Ser-CalaiDras (known as Ser-Agon or Ser to Ahra), and the two of them worked together constantly since then, never failing to support one another’s weaknesses (small though they were) and strengths (great that they were). The trust between these two youths grew strong, and they slowly made a name for themselves as highly reliable counter-insurgents.

Ahra and Ser were an unstoppable pair.

During the Blood War, Ahra was an aspiring agent for the Shrouded host’s Demon, Wen-Asar. He proved his worth by paving the way for the Mochtahr razing of Waterford (along with Ser-CalaiDras) almost singlehandedly, as well as helping the Dragon, Sharah-Ten, destroy a small but powerful resistance pocket. Wen-Asar took Ahra in with Ser-CalaiDras as a lieutenant, Ahra to be her eyes and ears in cities to be attacked, as a ploy to impress Sharah-Ten and gain his attentions. Ahra considered himself fortunate that she did not notice his infatuation; but Ser-CalaiDras did, and taunted him brazenly for it and her desire for Sharah-Ten, much to Ahra’s chagrin.

But as he progressed in his missions, thwarting a traitor amidst the Shrouded host; defending the Demon’s honour many times; opening the defences of numerous cities; and warning the Shrouded host of a new weapon their foes were using, his value to Wen-Asar was increasing, as was his personal appeal to her. Unbeknown to him, The Demon was indeed infatuated with the Dragon but she had a growing affection for Ahra, and was made evident with her reactions to his defeating her in single combat despite grievous self-sustained wounds. She was definately impressed with him, but she saw that it was improper to get close to one of her subordinates and so she released Ahra from her service.

Ahra had, nearly the whole time of his service to the Demon, another subordinate. This woman, Mor-Cadlai, knew him from times he didn’t remember, and kept that veil of amnesia to her advantage. She did this so he wouldn’t hate her for her percieved part in his past misfortune, and she regretted those unspoken actions deeply. Mor-Cadlai was placed in Ahra’s servitude by the UthAkrean law of Calai, and so she was privy to much of Ahra’s inner workings and plans, as well as a tool for his execution thereof. When Ahra offered first-name terms with Mor-Cadlai she refused tearfully and proclaimed hatred for the cruelty it felt like he was teasing her with by offering it. He asked the problem, and Mor-Cadlai responded thus: “If I allow my feelings for you to be known, you would see how futile it all is.” “But why? How?” “They are as the Demon’s for the Dragon; and as yours for her… A fantasy never to be realised.” As much as Mor-Cadlai was trying to make him keep his distance, Ahra deigned to keep her under his wing as an apology.

Ser-CalaiDras fueled much rivalry between himself and Ahra in the meantime, up until now, there was only light score-keeping and sibling-like tauntings; but now there was an intent to prove his superiority over Ahra in light of Ahra’s defeating of the Demon. The wounds were deep and the two grew distant as differing philosophies ushered them apart. Ser-CalaiDras grew more bloodthirsty and bombastic all the while, and threatened Ahra’s life if he were to get in his way. They still worked extraordinarily well together in battle and infiltration, thanks to decades of drilled co-working, but there was a hostility between the two.

Toward the end of the Blood War, Ahra was integral to the Demon’s survival through use of the Invisible art, despite the massive cost to himself, and nearly threw himself into death in the process. As soon as he could recover himself with use of his Dorjes he left the area and exacted vengeance upon the horrific ‘warriors’ that caused the Demon so much harm, and as he sat among the corpses of his creation, desperately trying to stay conscious, Wen-Asar came to him and offered her affection. Mor-Cadlai saw the gestures both made by him and just now made by the Demon, and so, tearfully, slipped away ‘out of his consideration’ for good, heartbroken at Ahra’s newly-bloomed intimacy with Wen-Asar.

Ahra stood in Wen-Asar’s shadow as bodyguard until the end of the Blood War, where he was seen to be slain. Ser-CalaiDras was killed, but shadowstuff suffused his body & soul, making him virtuably unkillable. And as Wen-Asar stood sadly over Ahra’s body, lamenting the loss of her lover and then-confidante, Ser-CalaiDras forced her away from the scene and (assuming Ahra’s old position) back to UthAkre.

It was weeks later that Ahra’s body left suspended animation, a luckily timed use of the Invisible Arts, and recovered from his wounds. He came to in a bloody field of death and loss, disoriented and unable to find any allies. He tried to find the armies of UthAkre in the nearby regions and over the rumour mill, but nothing helped him find his people. The sorrow he felt at losing Mlorta, the only link he had to his history, was made all the worse for this. Abandoning that hope (and the hope for finding Wen-Asar) he began an immediate search for Mor-Cadlai, a search that led him halfway across Peorth and back again fruitlessly; sadly for him that he couldn’t find his companion (not subordinate, as protocol demanded he see her). Finally, in a fit of melancholy and defeat, he wandered south to the coast between Peorth and UthAkre, policing the regions nearby and guarding the safety of any Mochtahr to be found. He came across one of his kind who took pity on him, and spent several years dedicating himself to a more actively-pursued side of his faith, which had until then been left to the side.

After the religious indoctrination of Val-Ten’s following, Ahra found the will to return to UthAkre, however briefly, and cut a path through those that stood in his way of finding two things: either Mor-Cadlai or Wen-Asar, and Mlorta. It happened that the Demon had his blade in her possession, and so Ahra moved to meet her, killing his way through her small army of protectors en route. He worked his way through them with a fervor unmatched by any alive at the time; his precious weapon, Mlorta, so short a distance away that he could feel it in his hands. He found his memory made solid and his old lover, and there were several minutes of confusion as he did not identify himself while her high guard tried futilely to remove him by an means. After dispatching them, Ahra leapt at Wen-Asar, pinning her with his knives. He took Mlorta back and only then revealed himself. The reunion was tearful and joyful, as Wen-Asar was grief-stricken by his apparent death and Ahra had been so alone for so long. Though he wished to stay where he was, he knew that Wen-Asar would only suffer if he was known to be alive, and so he bid her and their son farewell, promising to see them once more some time in the future, and returned to Peorth.

To this day, Ahra has awakened his long-dormant powers and guarded the southern provinces of Peorth from interlopers seeking to persecute the few Mochtahr making their homes there, trying to live a life outside UthAkre. He protects his kind; not cruelly, but certainly and measured. This is his life as he sees the Blood god wishing it to be lived, and to his satisfaction.


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