After long-forgotten cataclysms that have scarred the world of Tharnos, the death of Gods and mortal races alike, and the slow settling of the magical sediment back into a semblance of stability… After a war that has all but destroyed a once-unassailable empire and has brought unknown terrors to light and life… The Spirit of the Thane still lives on.

The two great bloodlines and the third line that shadows them all vie foe control over their own destinies, desperately grasping for salvation and safety from the ‘evils’ and unnatural forces that manifest from the gap in use of the Divine power long unused. Many nations and peoples seek the mantle once seen as impossible, but now there is belief again; belief that Godhood can be achieved by a lucky few. There are many who seek this glory, but many who doubt the real value of its pursuit.

Spirit of the Thane is a campaign designed within the D&D 3.5 system, but is now recommended for use with the Pathfinder RPG. Things found herein are experimental at best but solidly played and a knife-edge of balance has been found (but admittedly with the DM using as much brains as the PCs).

Spirit of the Thane